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A Miscellany of Murder:
From History and Literature to True Crime and Television, a Killer Selection of Trivia

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Adams Media (softcover)

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From the publisher:

From history and literature to true crime and television, a killer selection of trivia by The Monday Murder Club.

Why do they call Adelaide, Australia the "City of Corpses"?
How many people did Agatha Christie kill with her pen?
What was Jack the Ripper's supposed occupation?
There's nothing like a little murder to challenge the dark side of your brain. This dastardly little volume is organized by the seven deadly sins, giving you all the gumshoes, guns, and gore you need to explore the sinister side of human nature, including:

• The worst villains of all time--from Hannibal Lecter to Charles Manson
• The bloody truth about forensics
• Weaponry to die for
• Private dicks, dangerous dames, and dubious characters
• The most puzzling unsolved mysteries
• Who's really gotten away with murder
From amateur sleuths to serial killers, this murderous miscellany of crime--both real and imagined--is just the thing for a dark and stormy night.

The Monday Murder Club is a Boston-based association of mystery writers including the award-winning short story writer and computer geek Stephen D. Rogers; litigator and bestselling crime expert Andrew S. McAleer; award-winning short story writer and Jeopardy! champ Jim Shannon; journalist Maureen Walsh; and writer, editor, and literary agent Paula Munier.

What other people are saying:

Draw the curtains, lock the doors, and light the candles. It’s time to give in to all seven of the deadliest sins. It’s time for A Miscellany of Murder. The Monday Murder Club has put together a tome of trivia, quizzes and real life tales meant to satisfy the most macabre of appetites.
- Fandomania

From pre-nups, perps, and prostitutes,to know-it-all P.I.s, this murderous miscellany of crime—both real and imagined—is just the thing for a dark and stormy night.
- Buried

"A Miscellany of Murder" is a fun and highly informative read that exposes readers to hundreds of examples of authors, books, movies, television series and real-life individuals who have been involved with murder to some degree.
- Pop Culture Guy

Wanna know Agatha Christie's career body count? The worst villain of all time? Sherlock Holmes' most botched solution? Why blondes may not have more fun bafter all? It's all here.
- Thrilling Detective

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